Chris & Sharon Hill have owned this unique model funfair since Chris discovered it at an auction in Sherborne, Dorset. UK,  in May 2006.


Being sold by a lady from Glastonbury, she explained to Chris that her Father had bought it from an ex-showman in the North of England in the early 1960's. The ex-showman had been injured, and no longer able to work he spent a lot of his time building the models, presumably from memory, as quite a few of the models carry names associated with Fairs.


Who the builder of this unique model funfair was, no one knows, but the clues  to their origin are carried on the models with names such as:- Dentons, The Pangbourne Flyer, Graham, Linda, and a set of juvenile swings carries the name "Frank Unwin's High Flyers", a Foden lorry has the registration LRD 24, and the Noah's Ark has the name "Richard Townsend".


Are these clues to the origin of this model funfair?

No one knows with any certainty!


But whoever built it had a detailed knowledge of funfair  rides, they are all built, and dismantled in exactly the  same way as the full size rides. 


Built from wood and  metal, with the moving rides powered by electric motors, and illuminated, this 1/12th scale funfair replicates the  full size exactly.


The hours of work involved are hard to imagine, the  gears on the showman's engines have been carefully  hand cut from steel.







The collection includes:- Three abreast Gallopers, Big Wheel, Chair-O-Planes,

Lighthouse Slip or Helter Skelter, Park Swings, Skid, Strikers, Hoop-La,

Boxing Booth, Hall of Mirrors, and a Fair Organ called "The Piper", Showman's

Steam Engines, Showman's Caravans, and various Transport Models.








Music from a 1906 De Grote Gavioli 89 Key Showman's Organ







If you have any information, Chris & Sharon would like to hear from you.


This Unique collection is Available for Hire.

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Prices on request depending on hire time and location.


Please provide us with as many details as you can of what you will require for your event.


We cannot list prices for the attraction as costs depend on what you require, when and how long for.






The Detail on this Noah's Ark is outstanding.


 Our Full Size Juvenile Ride Available for Hire.

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The Striker is Available for Hire.

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